The Economic Research Department tracks and monitors the main trends of financial markets, including not only macroeconomic aspects, but also strategic issues as risk management, corporate governance, banking indicators and regulation framework. By producing reports, analyses and comments, the economic team provides important elements that help the conduction of business and activities.
Some activities:

Information about the Financial Market
Broadcast of news, analyses, articles and highlights of economic and financial issues in the website.

Credit Report
Monthly publication with detailed information about the credit operations of the Brazilian Financial System, as amounts, interest rates, spreads, default rates, maturities, delinquency rates and other information.

Economic and Financial Newsletter
Monthly summary with relevant content to banking industry and economic comments about market trends.

Banking indicators
With the aim of supporting banking strategic planning and positioning, the Economic Department developed a tool that homogenizes different methodological concepts for calculating performance indicators on the banking sector. With this, it is possible to identify the peculiarities of the different types of institution and to get a better understanding of the behavior of each one compared to that of their peers.

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