Founded in 1983, the ABBC - Associação Brasileira de Bancos (Brazilian Association of Banks) gathers over 80 financial institutions, participants in Brazilian Financial System. The Association was created to contribute to the development of the national financial markets, and in this way, aid its associates and society in general to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Based on the concept of "shared services", the ABBC provides the clearance of checks, payments and funds transfers for more than 100 financial institutions. The ABBC represents its clients at the Brazilian Central Clearing for checks and at the Interbank Payment Clearing (CIP) for payments and funds transfers.

The association also provides services, technical advice and educational activities that aims at qualifying financial sector professionals.

Our Mission

“Contribute to the sustainable economic development of Brazil and the strengthening of its financial system, representing its associates, acting in the name of free initiative and broad competition, preserving the customers’ right of choice and their legal rights and supporting the society’s welfare”.

Our Values 
Sustainability: commitment to the future 
Diversity: respect the differences 
Responsibility: social and environmental commitment
Favor: people and free initiative 
Conduct: ethics 
Transparency: towards society

Av. Paulista, 949 - 6nd floor 01311-100 - Bela Vista - São Paulo - SP Brazil
Phone: (55 11) 3288-1688 Fax (5511) 3288-3390